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I took it upon myself to host and organize an unusual tournament featuring the best StarCraft 2 grandmasters in North America on maps from every competitive ladder season. I created a series of programs to enable a bespoke dynamic and live map selection process by the players.

I created a Splinter-based web scraper to extract all of the information I needed from the esports news website to create six separate map pools with a total of 96 maps that had well-balanced matchup-specific historical winrates. I also created a map selection function in Python that could take map vetoes from 2 players to generate the map pool that would see play in the series in question. That map selection function inspired a collaboration with a Javascript programmer, which resulted in a functional, visually appealing map selection app.

Even without any sponsorships or marketing (besides the banner image shown above), my tournament brought me over 3,000 unique views on It has been recorded in the official competitive results pages for Professional StarCraft 2 on There, I have my own event page.

Web Scraper

Winrate Analysis / Map Selector Functions

Bracket Generator

Map Selector App