Degrees and Certifications

Master of Science
San Francisco State University, 2017
Psychology (GPA: 3.94)
(Mind, Brain, Behavior)

The Mind, Brain, and Behavior program at San Francisco State University under graduate advisor Dr. Ezequiel Morsella (a Nobel Prize nominee) taught me how to think like a scientist when designing, carrying out, and reporting on the results of studies. While in the program, I was additionally mentored by Dr. Charlotte Tate in statistical analysis using both SPSS and R, with additional exposure to multivariate hypothesis testing. I am now capable of carrying out a large assortment of multivariate tests, including ANCOVA, Factorial BTW ANOVA and simple effects analysis, MANCOVA, Factorial MANCOVA, RM ANOVA, Classic Profile Analysis, Doubly Multivariate Profile Analysis, OLS Multiple Regression, OLS Continuous Moderation, Binary Log Regression, Multilevel Modeling, Growth Curve Multilevel Modeling, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, and others. Also, my master's thesis totaled 14,000 words.

Link to Master's Thesis

Certificate of Completion
UC Berkeley, 2019
6-Month Bootcamp (GPA: 4.0)
(Data Science and Visualization )

The Data Science and Visualization bootcamp at UC Berkeley was a 6 month program designed to bring me to high competence with a standard data science tech stack. Throughout the course of the bootcamp, I was challenged to use a wide variety of technologies to accomplish assignments with data from many industries, including financial, political, geographical, weather, performance, inventory, and biological data (among others). My skills in Python, SQL, Javascript, HTML, and CSS were fortified, and I was exposed to many incredibly useful and often times blazingly efficient libraries, modules, and packages to help me take a project from raw data to fully-furnished visualizations often on fully deployed dashboards and webpages.

Link to Full Course Overview